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SPX FLOW Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Stelzer Mixers

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SPX FLOW, Inc. (NYSE: FLOW), a leading provider of process solutions for the nutrition, health and industrial markets, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Stelzer, one of its renowned mixing solutions brands. 

While Stelzer began building small-scale dairy product agitators in 1946 in Germany, today its products are critical components for processing plants worldwide. Stelzer is part of SPX FLOW's leading mixing solutions portfolio, alongside brands like Lightnin, Plenty, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions and APV. The Stelzer brand and its Germany-based team joined the SPX FLOW family in early 2021 as part of the acquisition of UTG Mixing Group.

Stelzer's latest successes include:

  • Expanding its Mag Mixers into China, where its sanitary technology will prevent contamination for food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and personal care companies.
  • Helping a large wine and juice manufacturer grow its juice production. Stelzer found a way to help secure future magnetic applications without needing mechanical seals.
  • Developing solutions to help a global leader that specializes in making adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. The order includes heavy-duty jacketed valves, pumps and fittings, as well as an automation system with programmable logic controller (PLC), human-machine interface (HMI) and process software for recipe handling, including on-site-installation

"We're proud to have Stelzer as one of our premier brands, continuing the strong legacy of quality and reliability for our customers' most critical applications," said Wendy Malone, SPX FLOW's Vice President of Mixing Solutions.

From milk and dairy to industrial and biogas

Stelzer is known globally for process know-how, versatile technical experience, high-quality and durable products. It started in 1946 in Warburg, Germany, when Erwin Stelzer began producing agitators for the milk and dairy industry. At the time, he called his company Erwin Stelzer Rührtechnik, but several changes came in the 1980s.

In 1985, the business was sold to Westfalia Separator AG, and the company's name became Stelzer Rührtechnik GmbH. The following year, the business moved from Anton-Böhlen-Straße to Speckgraben. And in 1989, Stelzer expanded with its invention of new agitator types for industrial applications.

In 1998, after joining Vaahto Group Plc., Stelzer Rührtechnik International GmbH began to develop biogas agitators. The group was purchased by Uutechnic Group Oyj in 2016, and earlier this year, Uutechnic Group was acquired by SPX FLOW. 

"The Stelzer team is highly skilled and dedicated to researching and developing the right mixing solutions for our customers," Malone said. "We're proud to be celebrating this milestone with them."

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