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SPX FLOW Debuts New APV Pilot 4T Homogenizer in a Compact Unit
Customers can validate tests in real-world scenarios with scalable, repeatable performances that save time and money

Charlotte, N.C., June 28, 2021 - SPX FLOW, Inc. (NYSE: FLOW), a leading provider of process solutions for the nutrition, health and industrial markets, unveiled a new APV Pilot 4T Homogenizer to help customers test recipes with a new level of versatility in a compact unit.

“We’ve used our proven technology and experience to bring customers a big homogenizer performance in a small package,” said Con O’Driscoll, SPX FLOW’s Global Product Manager of Dispersion Products. “Pilot scale homogenization is often used to validate processes before investing in full lines, and this will help customers scale up from their initial laboratory tests to production.”

SPX FLOW pioneered homogenizers through its APV Rannie and Gaulin brands, and today’s announcement marks another milestone where customers can now choose an APV homogenizer capable of running either lab tests or small-scale production. It’s useful for a range of customers, particularly food and beverage producers targeting the growing demand for enhanced nutritional or plant-based products.

This will help save time and money for several groups, including end users needing homogenizers, R&D customers who must scale up quickly without losing quality or taste after developing new recipes and processes, as well as OEMs and integrators who benefit from variable capacity, compact design, short delivery and ease of integration.

The APV Pilot 4T homogenizes immiscible liquids into an emulsion, operating like a positive displacement pump with a valve. Liquids get forced through a small gap in the valve at high pressures, increasing velocity, decreasing pressure and causing a turbulence/pressure differential that disrupts and disperses particles.

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) began testing the compact homogenizer late last year to develop recipes for food and beverages, including dairy products and plant-based food, such as peas and oats, said Erik Krabsen, Group Manager Pilot Plant Dairy and Beverages. The abrasive particles on those recipes can cause heavy wear on the homogenizers, but the new machine is durable and requires less maintenance.

“We need a homogenizer that’s reliable, flexible and must guarantee scalability to large production,” Krabsen said. “The 4T’s control system with variable speed drive makes made it very easy to control the flow rate accurately. It’s also quieter than other homogenizers and it takes up less space.”

Other features of the new homogenizer include:

  • Flexible capacities that can be easily adjusted for flow and pressure because of integrated variable speed drive and controls. This scalable, repeatable performance makes it easier to test recipes for a variety of products, from plant-based drinks to ketchup and sauces. 

    If companies need to increase or decrease flows after choosing a particular model variant, the wide-ranging operating flexibility saves time and money without compromising performance and enables testing of multiple recipes and applications.
  • Easy ways for operators to meet batch capability needs. Options vary from manual to fully automatic touchscreen PLC control that can link to plant control systems for remote operation. 
  • Compact modular construction options that can be easily added as market needs change.
  • Plug-and-play technology that saves time and money because of the integrated controls and variable speed drive which do not require additional electrical or control panels. The APV Pilot 4T Homogenizers integrate into customer processes with a short lead time, easy installation and reduced maintenance.
  • A three-plunger design that improves stability for pump, single- or two-stage homogenization.

“The APV Pilot 4T Homogenizers will meet a broad range of customers’ needs,” O’Driscoll said. “This will give them repeatable performance and product quality that can be scaled up to production machine capacities with confidence, accelerating how quickly new products get to market.”

To learn more, please visit our page about homogenizers.

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